Australian Animals

Interesting information on Australian Animals that live in the seven (7) regions in Australia. These are in the:

* Arid Region
* Treetops
* Forest Floor
* Insect Zone
* Wetlands
* Rainforest
* Oceans

In the rainforest animals live at different levels from the top of the tree's to the ground and into the ground. The rainforest is like a set of flats. Different levels for different animals. Many of the rainforest animals live in the treetops though they mostly come to the ground to live. Here are some examples from the life at different levels:

Brown Tree Snake, King Parrot, Cairns Birdwing Butterfly, Lumholtz's Tree-Kangaroo, Mountain Brush Tail Possum, Regent Bower Bird, Swamp Wallaby, Brush Turkey, Cassowary, Spotted Tailed Quail, Bush Rat

Australian Endangered Animals:

Australia's list of endangered animals is growing. Help stop animal extinctions before its too late.

The endangered animal list includes the Tasmanian Devils, and the Tree Kangaroo. Unfortunately the last known specimen on the Tasmanian tiger died in 1936 but DNA evidence have shown that they may have been on the Australian mainland in the 1950s.

Australian Snakes:

Australia has some of the most venomous snakes in the world including the Tiger Snake. Snakes such as the Carpet Python are not poisonous and should be considered when you are want to keep snakes as pets.

Animals in the Treetops

Koala's - The Koala's are a marsupial that live and eat in the treetops. They also go on the ground for there water and to go from tree to tree. They have grey fur, a big black nose and Long Claws to help then climb tree's. They mainly eat Gum leaves.

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo - This cockatoo has a large, white body with a large yellow crest on the top of its head. They are in mostly all parts of Australia. They eat seeds and berries.

Brushed Tailed Possum - This is a large possum with a greyish fur and a dark tail that looks like the bristles of a hairbrush. They are often found in the city suburbs. They eat Eucalyptus leaves, fruits, buds and some bark.

Animals living on the Forest Floor

Echidna - The Echidna has long, sharp spikes and a long sensitive snout. When they sense danger they slowly burrow themselves in the ground with their long claws. If their is know place to hide, they just curl themselves into a small ball of spikes. With their long claws they dig mainly in termite mounds for termites.

Common Wombat - Wombats manly eat at night and can be seen in the early hours of daylight. They eat grubs and what they can get from the ground. Wombats have a long nose, small beady eyes and have a powerful body covered in grey fur.

Brush Turkey - This bird is brightly coloured with a jet black body, a bright fold of yellow under it's cheeks and a red head. Brush Turkeys live in the rainforest near scrubby creeks. They eat insects and worms.

Australian Wetlands

Australian Pelican - They have a big white body with a black strip on them with a very long beak that they use for catching fish in which they eat. they live any where on lake and you can find them at the beach sometimes.

Platypus - This is one of Australia's most unusual animals that have long snouts, sharp poisonous claws and a brownish body. Platypus swim in the water and also go on land. When their is a slight movement in the water and if they see it move, they will eat it.

Australian Oceans

Dusky Dolphin - These dolphins are strong and sleek. They have a silver grey body with some spots scattered on them. They are very playful creatures. They eat little fish and shrimp.

Red Emperor - These are big fish that can get over 75cm long that hide in the red coral as they are themselves, red with a darker red strip running through the eye to the mouth and down to the tail. They mainly live in the Great Barrier Reef and they eat krill and other small fish.